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pharaoh insight, cl 17

Authorpharaoh insight, cl 17
i lost in wave 9, its a tough one
How many attempts do we have to win it ??
Wave 9 indeed.
Would have been lovely to control the orb creatures. 500 faeries and 40? Palandins are super strong with Chastise + rapid + bless
232.000 points
Wave 9, true that. Agreed with post 3.

How to counter Druid & Magi punch... :(
To beat wave 9 you need to play with care the first 8 waves. Elephants, camels and jackals must not be reduced much before that. My elephants killed the renegade magicians and camels+jackals+chargers killed all but 46 druids before their turn. In wave ten you get 400+ magogs to help you too.
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