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Bug with steam tank damage in lg-event

AuthorBug with steam tank damage in lg-event
There is something wrong with steam tanks damage.

Look at this battle:

Last shot of steam tanks deals 265 !! damage to mountain sentries with large shield and range penalty.
They even start doing only 20 damage to sentries for a couple of shots and then start ramping up their damage when only 5 shots are left.

I think there is a nonzero chance to win this battle when the steam tanks behave normally and it is kinda sad losing gold to a bug like this.
In this battle as well:
The "Aimed shot" ability is what is happening.

Every next shot the creature will deal 40% more damage on the same target if the target and the creature remain on the same positions
So steam tank ability "Aimed Shot" is not the same as crossbowman "Aimed Shot".

One could have made a better choice with ability names then.

O well. Thanks.

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closed by eConquest (2020-08-23 12:58:51)
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