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Mercenary quests

AuthorMercenary quests
Not even a week had passed since the pharaohs joined the Empire as Her subjects when complaints about imperial law violations on their part began to arrive at the offices of the Mercenaries’ Guild. Of course, the faults of a few should not cast a shadow on an entire people, but the law is the law - and no one is above the law. Therefore, it is time to deal with the errant few.

Dear Lord and Ladies! The list of quests of Mercenaries’ Guild has been replenished with new orders to deal with representatives of the Pharaoh faction. In total, more than 40 new quests variations have been added.

In addition, Finance counselor Arabat IV the Flamesoul, announced a new agreement between the Enchanters' guild and members of the Empire's commercial establishments. To deal with the catastrophic depreciation in prices of fern flowers, from this moment onwards, new mandatory standards have been introduced for the use of this element when applying enchantments:

1st enchantment – 2 fern flowers;
2nd enchantment – 4 fern flowers;
3rd enchantment – 6 fern flowers;
4th enchantment – 8 fern flowers;
5th enchantment – 10 fern flowers;

To more victories!
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