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AuthorTournament and mini-balance
The adventurous path of any Empire’s Lord and Lady sooner or later leads him to the tournament arena. Of course, everyone has their own motives. Someone wants to show themselves and swim in the applause of the crowd. Others come to the arena in search of battle experience and knowledge that can only be gained in fighting with the best of the best. The goal of the third is completely understandable from a half-word - to take the Gold of the winners! However, it is unlikely that at least something of the above will be able to compare with the fire blazing in the eyes of a beginner, which is ache to prove to everyone, and first of all to himself, what he really is worth. And this pressure this time fell on the shoulders of the pharaohs. Will they be able to control oneself within the arena walls? Or will they bow before the power of eminent champions? Answers can only be given by the celebration of an honorable battle!

Lords and Ladies, the tournament arena calling is once again sounding publicly - and invites everyone to take part in the 48th Minor Tournament ++. Any Lord and Lady can claim an achievement simply by obtaining the necessary number of victories for one or several factions in any number of attempts. And today, the tournament arena will challenge each of you who has reached the 3rd combat level or higher in a series of 1v1 battles with another Lord or Lady of the same combat level. The intrigue of unforgettable battles and indescribable impressions, a good number of Commanders' guild points and skill points, as well as gold – all this and not only awaits you within the framework of the upcoming competition. And the bravest and the most worthy will receive the right to share the main prize fund and will be awarded by the special tournament achievements:

- 15 wins with a faction and the ratio of victories to attempts is in the 90th percentile among all tournament players for the same faction and combat level

- 15 wins with a faction and the ratio of victories to attempts is in the 80th percentile among all tournament players for the same faction and combat level

- 15 wins with a faction

Please note that this competition will be held as per the plus tournament format, according to which there is no limit to the number of defeats and every Lord and Lady can collect at least one achievement. However, attention must be paid that the rewarding of achievements will be on a per-faction basis and to get the bronze achievement, you need to win the necessary number of victories with at least one faction. But, you will be delighted to hear that in this tournament, you can get several achievements for several factions.

Each victory in a tournament battle will also be rewarded with a creature armament. On reaching 5, 8 and 12 victories with any faction, Lord and Lady will also be rewarded with special elixirs (you can receive multiple elixirs for achieving these milestones with multiple factions):

 For 5 wins with a faction
 For 8 wins with a faction
 For 12 wins with a faction

Elixirs do not have any effect on PvP tournament battles, commander’s guild battles, survival tournament battles and text quest battles. The elixirs above must be used before November 1, 2020.

Last but not the least, participants of the 48th Minor Tournament++ are eligible to earn parts of Dark ring and Imperial arbalest:

For 1 win - 1 part.
For 3 wins - 3 parts.
For 5 wins - 6 parts.
For 8 wins - 10 parts.

Bronze achievement - 15 Dark ring parts.
Silver achievement - 25 Dark ring parts.
Gold achievement - 30 Dark ring parts.

Parts for victories will be given out during the tournament and victories for all factions are taken into account. The parts awarded for the achievements will be issued on completion of the tournament when gold prizes are distributed. Lords or Ladies will only be awarded parts for their best achievement in this tournament. There is also an upper limit of 50 on the total number of Dark ring parts and 20 Imperial arbalest parts that can be earned as a result of participating in the tournament.

Further good news - There is no entrance fee for competing in this tournament. The prize pool has also been significantly increased!

Please note that only in the 48th Minor tournament ++ all participants in all battles will automatically be given the effect Potion of skill and faction resistance from the opponent's faction. Potion of skill is not required to join the tournament!

Moreover, the troop balancing of the Pharaohs and Fire Dwarfs was carried out. All saved troop sets have been dropped.

Wish you lots of success in the 48th Minor Tournament++!
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