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[Multiple Ability Bugs] Treachery and Diamond Armour

Author[Multiple Ability Bugs] Treachery and Diamond Armour
Two bugs(?) encountered, merged in one thread. Both were encountered during a weekly LeG tournament.

1) Tribal Goblin - Treachery:

Initial stack size was 675 which means Treachery should trigger when stack sizes goes below 202. This did not occur.
The attack which led to the drop < 202 also paralyzed the goblins, not certain if that has anything to do with it.


2) Diamond Golem - Diamond Armour:

Diamond Armour states that ranged damage received is reduced by 90%.
Skeletal Pirates' Maneuver ability states that retaliation damage when this triggers is ranged and 50% of normal damage.

20 Diamond golems deal 210 damage to Skeletal pirates. 52 perish.
356 Skeletal pirates deal 395 damage to Diamond golems. 7 perish.

Some calculations:
Skeletal Pirate attack = 1
Skeletal Pirate damage range = 1 to 2
Diamond Golem defense = 12

Expected damage range:
Minimum = Range Min. * Stack Size / (1+0.05*(Defense-Attack) * Diamond Armour Modifier * Maneuver modifier
= 1 * 356 / (1.55) * 0.1 * 0.5 = 11.48 ~= 12

Maximum damage = Double the minimum ~= 24 damage

Actual damage received falls within the range when ability modifiers are not considered which is between ~= 230 to 460 damage
Missed the combat link for second bug:
Can anyone tel me why doesn't work rain arrow? For example if i use for hunters..nothing..
for Etele:
It will only shoot the creatures you have set as favoured enemies. You can set those in your castle in Avenger's guild.
By the way, use the Queries and Help forum for questions :)
for Etele:
Only works vs non elf troops.
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