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Leaders Guild Boost Potion like other Guilds(HG,TG,MG,LG) !!!

AuthorLeaders Guild Boost Potion like other Guilds(HG,TG,MG,LG) !!!
Leaders Guild Boost Potion like other Guilds(HG,TG,MG,LG) !!!

for those who lack behind in Leaders Guild since it has become an inseparable part of clan events and the game also please :)

Post your positive feedback's here please :)

No reason why not.

We have those potions for the event anyway.
Just add the same thing in the artifact shop or directly in LeG page.
Wrong comment.

Yea just reduce the new challenge time by half or something
Yea many are already on LEG12-13 , potion should give more LEG points like any other potion
I wonder if instead of LEG points, there might be some potion that could increase the number of troops gained instead. Because really, a LG1 could hypothetically win a tourny if they've got just amazing troops.
In the long run, kinda the same since you'd be spending gold on potions instead of arts, but would be more advantageous as you could do easy fights without throwing off you exp/fsp.
We should get LEG Potion also...
Very less +1 have been received for this thread. Don't u guys want Ur LEG level to be at par too for LEG events with others !!!
Half people dont care about leg so if you think the potion would allow the average to be 10+ then im afraid it wouldnt
Well something is always better than nothing. A boost from 8 to 10 will definitely be a step towards LEG Guild progress :)
Ofc, why not! :P
for elven_blade:
Im saying if there was such a potion you probably wouldnt benefit
We need this implemented for LEG Events like these where low level LEG can't compete and play at all...
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