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New buildings

AuthorNew buildings
As the common folk say, life should not stand still. Sometimes it is time to fight, and sometimes it is time to build. Many brave Lords and Ladies did not suffer idleness for long upon completion of the glorious crusade. While their loyal followers were raising the devil in the very heart of enemy lands, at last they had a minute to get their homes in order. Move the trophy display cases slightly; nail in some new weapon racks; in the end - sweep away cobwebs in the dark and dusty corners, and place a few more training dummies. Fortunately, the Empire is generous with trophies - and these will undoubtedly gather dust when laid idle. Since such a thing has already been done, it will not be superfluous to plan a couple of new rooms and extensions - something not for the pleasure of the eyes, but something for the soul and body.

Lords and Ladies, from this moment, in castles and estates there is an opportunity to purchase several new improvements: an armory and a SPA-house - for the estate; the treasury - for the castle. In addition, improvements were made to old warehouses and depots in castles, thanks to which now each such building gives an additional +2 space (previously +1) in the inventory from each faction.

More trophies!
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