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Underground Caves

AuthorUnderground Caves
It has been a long time since the Empire's rescue teams first stepped into the depths of the underground caves. Several times after the Lords and Ladies descended to rescue the slaves held in the clutches of the underground savages, the scouts soon discovered new places where the enemy congregated with an even greater number of prisoners. All this resembled some strange "harvest", the purpose of which was still unknown. However, the imperial guards of the dungeons did not lose hope one day to find the truth, because the answers probably had to be somewhere lower - in the darkest underground depths, where, in addition to the already familiar savages, an equally dangerous enemy reigns - Darkness itself. Only real Lords and Ladies can hope to cope with the harmful influence of Her insidious whisper!

Lords and Ladies! Warlord Grammith in a secret message says that for the beginning of the next stage of the rescue operation in the depths of the underground caves, everything is ready. The basic principle is still the same - complete secrecy and no personal armies. However, the circumstances themselves have changed slightly, and therefore carefully read the new provisions in the briefing.

Combat briefing:
- All Lords and Ladies from the 5th combat level are allowed to participate in the operation;
- Talents and unique racial abilities do not work;
- Only shop artifacts may be worn in battle;
- Enchantments have no effect;
- The initial army for all Lords and Ladies is the same - 50 Bowmen and 25 Swordsmen;
- The recruited army does not die;
- Lords and Ladies can add other units to their army. Upon victory, the surviving stack and up to 80% of the creatures killed in the stack join the Lord or Lady;
- Units can be upgraded for silver, which can be obtained in battles (special task);
- Available search for simpler and more difficult opponents, the number of searches is limited until the next battle. The more difficult the enemy is, the more silver they can guard or the larger a stack of allies can join you;
- For victories, you can get creature armaments;
- At the end of the operation, the Empire will award gold to all Lords and Ladies who have won at least one victory;
- Upon reaching an army power of 2,000, each victory will be additionally rewarded with points from the Hunters' Guild;
- Upon reaching an army power of 4,000, each victory will be additionally rewarded with points from the Mercenaries' Guild;
- Upon reaching an army power of 8,000, each victory will be additionally rewarded with battle potions, which can be transferred, sold on the market or used to get an increase in parameters for a day:

- Up to 12 victories can be won per day, unrealized victories are carried over to the next day (maximum - 72 victories);
- New! Due to the danger of falling under the influence of a mysterious whisper from the darkness, staying underground is limited to 18 attempts per day, the remaining attempts are postponed to the next day (maximum - 108 attempts);
- The rescue operation will last only 6 days, plus 2 days for the end of the fighting, until November 4 inclusive.

Attention! The Warlord reminds of a sufficiently high level of danger in such gloomy depths, and therefore do not even hope to meet troops of cowardly Tribal Goblins there. Even if it seemed to you that from the next corner their pleas for help are heard - do not believe it, this is just an illusion. Better focus on your goal, for the personal successes of each Lord or Lady will be additionally encouraged by parts of a special artifact from the Heavens set:

for 10 victories: +1 part;
for 20 victories: +3 parts;
for 30 victories: +4 parts;
for 40 victories: +5 parts;
for 60 victories: +8 parts.

Up to an additional 30 parts may be received based on your contribution to the success of the operation.

A full-fledged artifact will be assembled automatically if there are 100 pieces. This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rent, but can be transferred for repairs or for installing enchantments.

The main goal is to find and save as many units as possible. The empire will rank our Lords and Ladies according to the total power of the army.
Lords and Ladies who have recruited the most powerful armies will be generously rewarded at the end of the campaign.

To victory! Attack!
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