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Map bug

AuthorMap bug
When I click on pass by on a hunt, the event on the map goes away as well
To add, whenever I load the map, I see the event(attack) for a second and then it refreshes again and disappears
It doesn't even take a second to do so.
My guess is the GET request is done twice (once, with the event & afterwards without)
please look into it

P.S. This bug was also there in the last map event!
More info:-
It also happens when I play the hunt.
So, basically I can only play it when I have a hunt

Temporary solution:-
clearing the cache/ incognito mode makes it work!
but then the problem comes back!
I used google chrome.
I face this problem even if I clear cache.
Only incognito mode works.
I don't see this problem when I play via phone.
It was because of the timers script
Please pm me if anyone has the updated link of the timers script!
closed by Niranjan (2021-01-02 07:09:09)
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