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AuthorTwo accounts Leveling and Supporting Each Other
Player 1
Player 2

Elf Combat Log

Dark Elf Combat Log

Player(s) seem to always play with each other to the point it keeps building the accounts. During almost all free-for-all games they have enter they enter together. They always target the odd person out.
They also appear to support each other either one side or the other.

Example: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=1100599511

In the example the Elf is the winner before the game as the Lizard and shrews are placed into easy position for the Elf.

I've been one on the players negatively affected because of the "traps" where they decide who wins before the game. Group battles or free-for-all.

Also the transfer logs favor each other....
have see them many times to...
they are goin in every one for one self and help each other
Yeah, it's the worse whenever you are a player who is not aware of it. Or in a group battle with them. As they decided which team wins if they are on both sides.
for ___Nikos__:
With good talking skills you can quickly make opposition to them.

Dont even need good russian, just chose right words, and right actions. Well its art in itself.
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