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Modification to the Survilurg defence

AuthorModification to the Survilurg defence
Proposing an inbuilt check to the defence lines so that only players +-2 or 3 levels of the person who joined first, will be allowed to pair up.
This check can last for 1-2 minutes after which players from any CL can join that line.

The level tolerance and duration of the check can be set by the clan's leader/deputy/warlord.
Or every clan can have a hard limit fixed by admins (Which would probably be annoying for everyone).

The idea is to prevent lines with high level gaps from forming accidentally (Like when a level 20 and a level 12 pressed join simultaneously before page refreshed).

Necessary or unnecessary? :)
Probably a good qol update but i don't feel like it's that big of a deal
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