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[Sell] [Various Artifacts ]

Author[Sell] [Various Artifacts ]
Hi Everyone,
I have the following artifacts for sale:
1. Robber's Simple Bow 39/39 Price: 24,000 G
2. Recruit's Mail 30/30 Price: 900 G

The Next few artifacts are from Hunter's guild and are supposed to be in the other forum, but they are a part of the sale and can help lower the costs of the above artifacts as bulk buy option.

i. Great Hunter Armour 10/10 Price: 1000 G
ii. Great Hunter Ring Of Charm 10/10 Price: 250 G
iii. Hunter Boots 10/10 Price: 200 G
iv. Hunter Bow 10/10 Price: 200 G

Prices are negotiable for bulk buying of all 6 artifacts.
Seriously guys, I am willing to lower price for the Robber's simple bow
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