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AuthorNew Year 2021 Festivities

For the period from today, December 31st, until January 3rd, the following festive features may be enjoyed by all Lords and Ladies:

1. Old and New year Chinese horoscope symbolic hunts;
2. Hunts, mercenary errands, thief ambushes, ranger briefings 40% more often;
3. Troops ready and mana restoration 40% quicker;
4. Faction skill points earned in combats increased by 20%;
5. Young Christmas deer mount increasing movement speed by 80% (by 90% for Drake owners);
6. A Fir-tree will be present in the center of all battlefields presenting unique tactical possibilities;
7. Special New Year Character images with winter thematics;
8. New year ale in the artifact shop's presents section;
9. A tasty treat once a day upon logging in for every Lord of combat level 3 and above;
10. Randomly allocated gift boxes on the battlefields in PVP combats, the boosts of which may significantly influence the course of combat;
11. Mixed tournament with no entry fee. Artifacts do not use durability.
12. Αll Lords and Ladies of combat level 3 and above have a chance to defeat the Army of Cold. You can join the challenge up to 5 times a day, unused challenges do not stack up, enchanted artifacts have no effect. Your victories can be awarded by gold, set of creature armaments, rare artifacts with reduced durability, diamonds, chests of abundance, shop artifacts.

Happy upcoming New 2021 Year!
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