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[Repair][90%][101-103% cost]


Author[Repair][90%][101-103% cost]
Repair service - 90% (maximum in the game).
I log in 10-15 times per day so I react quickly.

Standard service: 101% cost (best for non priority repairs during non-event days)

Enhanced service: 102% cost (works as standard service during events and for priority repairs during non-event days)

Top priority: 103% cost

I will update my queue on my profile page so you can check before you send an item what service to chose to get desired speed of repair.

If you do not want to check my queue and always get fastest repair, chose 102% in normal days and 103% during events.

Offer is valid as long as this thread is not locked by me.

Thanks :)
23 items, about 45-50h repair.
20+ items in queue, about 40-50h
20+ items in queue, about 40-50h
30+ items in queue, 60-70h
29 items in queue, about 60-70h
101% is CLOSED until I empty the long queue which is about 60-70h. All 101% sent until 15.1. will be repaired acording to normal rules.
18 items in queue, about 40h. 101% is still closed for newcoming until I clear the queue.
5 items in queue, 101% repair service is reopened :)
1 item in queue
5 items in queue, about 15h
No queue
no queue
No queue
9 items in queue, about 40h, recommending min. 103% if in hurry
10 items, ueue about 40h
16 items in queue, about 50h
15 items, about 50h
14 items, about 45h
8 items, about 20h
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