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AP in Duels and Group Battles

AuthorAP in Duels and Group Battles
Many users like to enjoy playing duels and group battles.
Some are not blessed with enough gold and prefer to play with min AP requirement.

But then there are some players who join them with the highest AP they can get.
Which indirectly makes the battle unfair and a waste of time.

My suggestion is that there should be a system where people fitting the AP criteria can only join the battle.

Like how we set the player level for battles, just like that, AP criteria should be added upon which people fitting that criteria can only join.

This will help in making the battles fair and fun to play.
fully agree!!
The AP criteria are done in the tournaments and guilds.

So if it is made available there, why not in the group battles and duels!

It will make people rage less and enjoy more.

But this forces people to spend and thus promotes donations

Unlikely to be implemented
This is number 2 on the 'ideas suggested multiple times' thread. Virtually 0% chance it will be implemented.

Min AP is unbalanced anyway
closed by Ur_end_is_here II (2021-01-11 20:06:29)
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