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Creature drop warning

AuthorCreature drop warning
If I am starting a battle, which is going to give me a creature drop if I get more than 0.3 fsp,
A warning/confirmation would be very nice, as I can equip more AP
remembering the count of victories(wrt fsp) & constantly checking logs is very tedious.

This should be optional in settings, those who don't want such warnings can opt out!
The drop is based on ap of all 5battles.. equipping more ap only on 5th battle doesn't make much of a difference
The drop is based on ap of all 5battles.
ohh, then this is of no use. I had a feeling about this but I was informed that it's only for the 5th battle

closing this thread :)
closed by Niranjan (2021-01-17 11:18:40)
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