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Pirate Hunt Event


AuthorPirate Hunt Event
New event, let's go :)
Not get at .com
You have to go the harbor
no u
No need to travel to play the event. Just go to https://www.lordswm.com/pirate_hunt.php

2v1 fight against AI pirate. No enchants, only shop arts.
Forget to add battle link

I believe the unit in the cage would be ally AI
Can someone post ru description
Combat instruction:
1) A personal ship awaits each Hero from the 5th combat level ;
2) The starting ship's capacity is 50% of the army's creatures, and also affects magic damage;
3) Battles are held in the format - two ships of Heroes against one pirate;
4) Based on the results of each battle, Heroes can be promoted for victory or demoted for defeat;
5) For each battle you can get silver, the amount of which depends on the naval rank and the outcome of the battle;
6) For silver, the imperial workshops are ready to install new cannons, net guns, or increase the ship's capacity for troops ;
7) The parameters of the guns depend on their improvements and the combat level of the Hero;
8) The higher the rank, the stronger the army of the captured pirate;
9) Upon reaching the rank of "Captain", each victorious battle will be additionally rewarded with battle potions , which can be transferred, sold on the market or used to get an increase in parameters for a day;

10) To eliminate the risk of pirates capturing valuable items, modifiers DO NOT work in battles. Only artifacts from the store are allowed ;
11) You can hunt pirates no more than 10 times a day, unused attempts are transferred to the next day;
12) The hunt for pirates will last only 8 days until January 25 inclusive (+3 days for the end of battles, until January 28 inclusive );
13) When defeating pirates, the hero will receive points from the Mercenaries Guild, and there is also a chance to get artifacts of creatures ;
14) Many pirates are engaged in the slave trade, so there is a chance to meet caged creatures aboard a pirate ship. The cage can be destroyed with magic or melee. When the cage is destroyed, the imprisoned creatures will join the army of the Hero who freed them. One squad from the number of surviving creatures can be taken with you in subsequent battles;
15) The Empire will generously reward the Heroes who have collected the most silver.

Warlord Grammith will closely monitor the combat successes of each Hero and additionally reward them with fragments of a special artifact:

for 10 victories: +1 part each;
for 20 victories: +3 parts each;
for 30 victories: +4 parts each;
for 40 wins: +5 parts each;
for 60 wins: +8 parts each.

And also up to 30 pieces of Heavenly Armor based on the results of the award, taking into account the personal contribution of each to the success of the operation.

Successful battle clans and Heroes who distinguished themselves in them will be especially rewarded. Rewarding will be carried out based on the final rating of the clans, where the final result will be equal to the amount of silver earned in clan applications for the top 100 Clan Heroes ;
- All unlocked Heroes of successful battle clans will receive the reward if they brought the clan at least 400 points ;
- If the Hero leaves / is excluded from the battle clan, then the clan loses all the points accumulated by the Hero for this clan; upon re-entry, the points will be returned;
- Leaving the clan on the last day of the event will be prohibited;
- Admission to battle clans during the event is limited to 3 heroes per day.
Some additional info (learned with Loafant) :
- Recruiting troops freed from cages take up a slot
- Recruiting troops freed from cages gives them hero stats
- Hero attacks don't work on the cage
- Magic damage works on the cage, but reduced by ~25%
- You can reset ship upgrades for 5000 gold
- If you upgrade the % of your army you bring into battle, you have to update them 10% at a time. So the total cost to bring 100% of your army is (170+190+210+230+260)=1060 silver
- Hero and ranged attacks don't work on the cage

And the cage has 80% magic shield

Here Bob uses ice clod (30 + 9sp):
30 + (9*6) = 84 base dmg
84 * 0.5 = 42 50% capacity
42 * 0.2 = 8.4 after magic shield
Pirate Hunt - Ship upgrades
Ship capacity: 50%
Cannons total: 0
Additional troops: Crusaders (42)

Your rank: Senior sailor

Silver: 287
Silver Total: 287

Victories / Combats: 9 / 10

went with a wrong pairing and lost one. neat event so far.
i have only 2 options, any1 has some advice from previous events like this...wizard or elf faction. Any experience...which is less worse in this :)
thank you
Go wiz at first for magic :D
This is legit worst event ever. Man if they didnt change anything from last event. Good luck not smacking your screen :D
Why are you complaining @latviesu? You won all your matches XD
I think he started complaining before he even tried the event
Lol that makes sense
HK works good too
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