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Talent missing english description

AuthorTalent missing english description
Pharaoh talent Shining of moon and Sun is missing description. Still don't know what it does.

Shining of Moon and Sun
Since ancient times, the pharaohs respected the holiness of the continuous cycle of Sun and Moon. After spending many years studying this phenomenon, they learned to use the same principle to enhance their own magic, naming their unique racial ability in honor of their source of inspiration. Due to their racial ability, during battle the pharaohs constantly feel the action of one of the effects of the cycle: the Sun phase or the Moon phase. The phase changes after the Lordís each turn. The Sun phase - empowers all Holy magic spells, the Moon phase - empowers all Darkness magic spells: an empowered spell has itís mana cost reduced by 30% and boosts the effective spell power of magic.
The faction skill level has an effect on the increase in spell power when calculating the strengthening of Holy and Darkness spells in the corresponding phases. Calculation formula: [1 + faction skill / 2] - thus, at the 10th faction skill, 6 spell power will be added at the moment of casting the spell.
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