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Q&A Interview with Maxim (adm) [February 2021]


AuthorQ&A Interview with Maxim (adm) [February 2021]
I've compiled some useful stuff that people might want to know (using google translate). I've grouped the conversation such that you could get an idea of what they were talking about without going through every line.

HWMDaily page Link - https://daily.heroeswm.ru/n/transcript_maxim_adm_february_2021

In general, the administration received more information and ideas than is presented here. The very possibility of such a conversation was known in less than a day , therefore, there was not much time for preparation (For example, it was possible to prepare for previous interviews in 1 - 3 weeks).

Many questions were not asked due to lack of time. Balance issues on factions at various CL - in principle it was difficult to discuss without representatives of specific levels, the general topic of balance was touched upon. Throughout the conversation, the admin took notes.
~Admin Progress Report~
Beliar: Is there any advertisement for the project?
Maxim (adm): Contextual advertising in Google, Yandex, targeted in VK.
Beliar: And foreign for a coma?
Maxim (adm): The interface is not suitable there, too unprofitable advertising. Need an interface ...
There are a lot of tasks, in fact, we do them in parallel, all at once, a little bit, so it comes out slowly. Plus events, and in a coma, in fact, they run even longer. The event with the Defiant was only prepared there for a week.

Morello: Application for the game.
Maxim (adm): We will try to release it this year.

Beliar: Why not just make a checkmark get settled instead of captcha?
Maxim (adm):Yes, you can actually do it. Google captcha is still necessary from bots. You can do something. The application needs to send a notification when to get a job, while I'm not doing it, because there is no interface for it. How the main pages will be - I will make an application. It is already, as it were, in the test version.

Morello: Will there be development for the Hays? Will there be continuation of the levels? Those who have reached the 23rd do not understand what to do there.
Maxim (adm): We need more people. It makes little sense to upgrade the levels, it is more difficult for them to find entertainment in the same tournaments, elsewhere.

Beliar: (passed on secret proposals for forum moderation)
Maxim (adm): (received secret proposals for forum moderation)

~Survilurg Changes?~
Antichrist_RnD: Regarding the Survilurgs. Will there be any changes?
raTaHoa: Or maybe instead of Survilurgs, make dungeons like events. Local launch only. For example, with pirates, the same portals of the past.
Maxim (adm): Let's say there is some kind of dungeon where we walk, hit someone, then hit someone else and someone else. The first months there may be some variety. As a result, if you do not change it in a month, then everyone will get tired of it. Yulia
: To be honest, everyone has been tired of the Survilurgs for a long time.
Maxim (adm): I agree.
raTaHoa: And if you bind the dange to locations. For example, they have territory in this place. Then they will want others. These will be given to others, and they will seize other zones. And there are other dungeons. Alternatively, stagnation can be diluted.
Maxim (adm): It won't dilute anything. If you don't give big buns for the dungeons, and you can't give big ones there, then why should they change this monotonous dungeon for another monotonous one?

~Tavern Conspiracy!~
Morello: There is a conspiracy theory that those who exchange diamonds for gold have some advantage in the cards.
Maxim (adm): There is absolutely nothing like that in the cards. Just random.
Morello: Purely psychological and statistical factors?
Maxim (adm): Nothing at all. It's the same conspiracy theory that the bot's luck works out more often.

~Faction News:~
Morello: Will the Defiant Barbarians be introduced as a full-fledged faction?
Maxim (adm): Of course not. Within the framework of events only. Unbalanced.

Morello: After the introduction of the remaining alt classes, is there anything planned?
Maxim (adm): We'll watch. Alt-classes and factions are very difficult to introduce - to balance everything: the campaign, GS, the faction itself, etc.

Morello: Alt class of pharaohs?
Maxim (adm): It will be necessary to do it in theory.

Morello: What are you planning next? Steppe?
Maxim (adm): Yes. Alt-class steppe.

raTaHoa: Are you planning to introduce any other factions?
Maxim (adm): Will need to do it someday. The new faction is definitely not needed at this stage. In a few years only.

raTaHoa: By the way, the mechanics faction - are they planned as a full-fledged playable faction?
Maxim (adm): Not planned, they are more for events.
~Balancing Issues:~
Donation Arts:
Beliar: Will there be a continuation of the promotional set? Now there is a sword of cold, ring, shield, armor, etc.
Maxim (adm):A complete set with bonuses will not be. Now I look and add those artifacts that are expensive on the market in order to reduce the price for them. They are in the game and to keep the fights inexpensive I keep the price on them. Which are the most expensive, then I add them to the action, but so that there is no repetition of the artifact from the last action. If we suppose they all drop in price, say, they will cost less than 100 thousand per artifact, then I will add new ones. Let's think about it, but at the moment I don't see the point. The point will be to just balance the price of battles. I have no goal of becoming expensive, on the contrary.
Beliar: In promotions, it is much easier to pass fights)
Maxim (adm): The difference is not big. At some levels, the same armor is 1 stat inferior.
Beliar: Here is a stat, there is a stat and, as a result, an imboostat)
Maxim (adm): I'm trying to prevent this from happening. There was a mistake with the Ring of Cold, that it is too steep compared to the store. Had to add an alternative. The rest of the artifacts there, armor / shield, are not much superior. There is no goal of making players who deposit real money to have an edge. On the contrary, the goal is for everyone to be in the same conditions.

Sharp vs Smooth Army Growth:
raTaHoa: For levels higher than 23, will they have new buildings like a citadel or castle?
Maxim (adm):It makes no sense to add a lock. This will increase even more inequality in the chuckle of the same. The chuckle then goes off. Let's say we are driving 24 + 25% of the army. In a laugh the 24th level with whom to put it? With two 23s?
raTaHoa: That is, until we reach the levels before the 30th, this will not happen?
Maxim (adm): In general, this makes sense. Smooth growth is better than sharp growth. When a citadel, for example, appears - a sharp increase in the army.

Tribals Unique Racial Ability Overhaul?!
Morello: Alt class of steppe barbarians. Will be?
Maxim (adm): I thought about it today. I like the idea more so that their blood does not reduce damage. Like, for it to accumulate, creatures to get up in level, but it worked differently.
raTaHoa:And what skill will she have? There was a thought in which it is possible just not to reduce damage, but at the same time to use blood. Do something like "blood rage", but it will only be on the response, as if the blood goes away in addition to damage.
Maxim (adm): Answers are such a bad topic. It turns out that this is a defensive topic. The current ones are defers.
raTaHoa: So the fact of the matter is that since their blood will no longer go to defense, it can be done urgently.
Maxim (adm): If the answer is a defer topic, that is, they are in the def.
raTaHoa: On the one hand, yes, but on the other hand, it turns out that their blood will not absorb damage and they will be more cottony than the main class.
Maxim (adm):If we make that blood does not absorb damage, the faction is already more attacking.
~Event Clarifications:~
raTaHoa: By the way, while talking about the portals of the past: will the 6th faction of the past be introduced? There are dark elves, sort of.
Maxim (adm): Most likely it will be someday.

Morello: Again and again, the most frequent question / request in every letter is about the breaks in the events. It seemed that an experiment has been going on over the last year and a half with the players: what would happen if they were given the number of events that they themselves asked for)
Maxim (adm): It's not necessary to participate. What is the problem?
Morello: In achievements, awards.
Maxim (adm): You can skip some of the events.
raTaHoa:The fact is that you want to collect the set completely and for this you have to participate in events in order to just have time to collect. In fact, you can collect art for 2 events, and skip the third, but this is only for top players, and for the average person, they collect hardly 40 parts per event. That is, they do not have time for 2.
Maxim (adm): You can play a little 1 event.
Morello: Here's my example: I tried to play and play a little bit and collected only the helmet of darkness during all this time.
Yulia: And I am a ring.
Morello: Yes, that is, for all these years, only a helmet has been assembled from all these parts)
Maxim (adm): You see, it means you don't need these arts) So you understand, while a small tournament is underway - do not launch a new event?)
Yulia: Alternate at least a tournament / event.
Maxim (adm): We alternate them like. PVP, 4-5 events
Yulia: There is still work, but I want to collect parts and play.
Maxim (adm): Events, firstly, they support online, secondly, new players remain. That is, if you do not launch events, online will fall, so they need to be launched. They don't do anything worse. Some kind of activity in the game. Moreover, we have events, they are still fighting, and not like in other games.

~Clan Rewards:~
Morello:As a representative of a clan that fights for the top 50 at the event: although the clan's asset is not large, we are still a collective and often simply do not enter the top 50 and this reduces the morale of even those who are active. Are there any rewards possible for clans with lines below 50?
Maxim (adm): Are there any clans that are directly active?
Morello: Yes, we exist!) And we're not the only ones hanging out in these lines.
Beliar: Not everyone plays as a whole, and many do not pass waves completely.
Morello: Those who make up an asset in such clans, many do not want to move somewhere for a variety of reasons, but the spirit of despondency attacks us directly every event.
Maxim (adm):We have to look. We saw that there were just 50 active clans, the rest were so, really.
Morello: Life goes on there! Let it be small, but it goes! If there was a reward for at least some lines, let's say up to the 75th, then the existing asset would become even more active and perhaps those who have completely scored would have pulled up. There would be a goal of some kind.
Maxim (adm): I wrote it down, we'll see. Can push the reward.
~PvP Despair:~
Morello: PvP seasons? Omne has already tried in this direction.
Maxim (adm):Yes, it will have to be done. I do not disregard PvP. I agree that something needs to be done there, the awards must be increased. We started with a simple, CG slightly. The main problem of PvP: there are 50% of wins / losses and you can't do anything about it, unless you give a bot instead of a player, like an event with a mirror, a pair tournament of a new format, and then that's it. For players, 50% of defeats, well, this is not a very good result for perception.
Morello: Low PvP? They only have group fights and duels there. A new player who likes PvP goes there, but sooner or later he realizes that he needs to improve the stats / guilds, and he has already picked up empty experience.
Maxim (adm):For good reason, the threshold for entering the Commanderss Guild should be reduced to 5. It will be very good for the balance, keep statistics, now it is balancing on the CG only from the 9th level. And blocking the chuckle with low levels is also useful for mixed fights, sometimes it works.

raTaHoa: By the way, while AP has not gone far, there was another question: is it possible to add an additional filter in the application in group battles, where to indicate the AP range?
Maxim (adm):Got the essence. It's just that these group fights, they are not particularly popular now, because there is a CG. Don't know the meaning? If you enter the threshold of the minimum AP, for example, there are some days when these group battles are needed, then they will simply swing in them. The bottom line is this. If we introduce some benefit for group fights, namely AP, then everyone simply sways. If it's useful to swing. If someone wants to test something, they can create a clan application. Nobody bothers them.
Perfumer: There is more about violation of the application. It doesn't necessarily go into the TK.
Maxim (adm): We have already discussed that before the 5th there it is already necessary to shift the CG just to the 5th level. Then they will not sit in group, but in the CG.

Morello: How does the distribution work in mixed tournaments? Level imbalance issue. For example, 19th was against 14, 13 and 12.
Maxim (adm): Each level has its own weight. Sum of weights against another sum of weights. These weights are adjusted over time. There is an acceptable deviation there. 1% or 2% of the sum of the weights, i.e. the algorithm tries to find that the sum of all deviations is minimal. Sometimes it is distributed and finally remains with large deviations. They try to be minimal, but sometimes there may be overestimated weights at someone of the level of the faction.
Morello: Does the weight depend on the character?
Maxim (adm):Not.
Morello: That Persian may be both pumped and under-pumped, but they have the same weight?
Maxim (adm): Yes.

Pagan of Dark: But PvP events, Manticore and Griffin competitions are very rare. PvP players would be very happy.
Maxim (adm): There is a problem with PvP that the percentage of victories is around 50 and you can't do much more, and this is the problem
Pagan of Dark: I had 3 victories and 9 defeats
Maxim (adm):So this is the problem. If a player has less than 90% of victories, he is sad)
~Bot Overhaul:~
Morello: Is it possible to add autoboy to Abu's good?
Maxim (adm): No.
Morello: Too hard?
Maxim (adm):Yes. The system of auto battles itself needs to be reworked. It works in a script version. Somehow differently. Not with a mirror. Maybe for a number of battles to give it, maybe for how many days, maybe with the benefit of some battles. Now this opportunity is not there, everything must be redone strongly. In addition, there is a problem that now there is just an auto-fight, when there is not enough army left, and the player does not understand this moment of transition of auto-combat from a mirror to a regular one. We need to redo it and then we can already talk about Abu Bakr.
Beliar: Can the icon be changed? For a mirror, one, and for an ordinary one, another.
Maxim (adm): It is clear that the picture needs to be changed, but in order for it to work while still in the game, everything needs to be changed, in scripts.

Morello:Can I move the auto battle button? Now if you go to the same GS with a mirror: the battle is loaded, you move the mouse to the upper right corner and click on auto-alignment, the army is loaded, and at that time you have already moved the mouse to the upper left corner and are ready to click "autoboy" at once, but at the moment loading at this point the button "surrender" appears.
Maxim (adm): I made a note.

Morello: Does the bot see traps?
Maxim (adm): No.
Morello: No traps, no traps?
Maxim (adm): No. If he had seen, he would have bypassed them in principle.

Morello: By the way, the other day they threw off a confirmation that the bot supposedly knows at what blow the luck will happen.
Maxim (adm): Does not know. The bot doesnt look how much luck it didnt work. There is also a mechanism that if the luck did not work, the next move is more likely to work. The bot doesn't even look at it.

~Artifacts and Smith:~
Morello: A question about chests: is it possible to equate stars with a chest, since there is not enough space?
Yulia: Yellow star - one chest. The blue star is another chest.
Maxim (adm):This is how people lose artifacts in chests. And they will also lose them in asterisks. In general, I need to redo the inventory, and then think about what can be done there.

oOoArchAngeloOo: Another moment relevant for active players is that you go to the potions section in the store and you cannot buy 10 of them at once. After purchase, you need to scroll through the page at this point.
Yulia: Yes! This is very annoying!
Maxim (adm): Got it.
Beliar: And to make a notification about the art that came for repair?
Maxim (adm): Well, yes, you can.

Morello: The next question is about the forge. And specifically about the possibility of a turn of repair.
PoRoSeNoK147: There are a lot of events and the blacksmiths have a lot of work!
Maxim (adm): There is also some kind of button to be repaired instantly, no?
oOoArchAngeloOo: This is for brulee.
PoRoSeNoK147: If someone throws a brulee at you. Or you raise the percentage. About 0.25 hour is worth of gold. There you can just catch up with percentages - these are empires.
PoRoSeNoK147: After the events there is a really huge queue. At least that silently the smithy worked on its own.
Maxim (adm): I will ask Alexander, but I think he will not want to do it. So to convey - I will. I don't know how the smithy works there. That is, we take an artifact - we press edit. We take another art - press edit and it gets in line? In theory, you just edit it and it gets in line. Is that?
PoRoSeNoK147: Yes.
Maxim (adm): Well, let's see.
~Updates and New Features:~
Morello: A variety of bonus days?
Maxim (adm): Collect ideas.
Morello: In general, they were already going, we will add more then.

Morello: Will the 5th school of magic be available?
Maxim (adm): Partially will.

Yulia: When will the GVD be on the phone?
Maxim (adm): Maybe this year will be.

Morello: State artifacts for hays, there are very few of them, but for 22-23 so in general.
Maxim (adm): It will be necessary to add of course. They will be similar to promotional stats, only in the store.

Morello: "Personal Achievements" section. Now all the achievements are solid. Is it possible to let the players control them? For example, make favorites. For whom was a certain event memorable, where he showed himself perfectly and would like to highlight this particular achievement.
Maxim (adm):It's a good idea, but there is no interface there now, the same hide / show. I don't like the pumpkin-trees there, which are squeezed between the weapon-armor. This must be conveyed to Alexander. In theory, you need to start with hiding, and then further. The main problem is: where to embed it on the character?
Beliar: To register in the gear?
Maxim (adm): Yes, our interface is already overloaded, everything is stuck everywhere, everything is instructed. But I made a note about it.

Morello: This question has already been - unique battles in WG. There was a proposal to add some new factions. Are specials possible? tasks in the WG?
Maxim (adm): First, the WG needs to be redone. Then add something there already. Now I just have a WG cooldown for an hour, according to the idea, I somehow need to, or do a limited number of tasks per day and without a cooldown, for example. Like how the LeG is done. But only more. LeG it is restored task every 3 hours, for example. WG let it restore those tasks once an hour. I went in, played tasks for a day, for example. We do something like that. Accordingly, those who have not finished WG will restore them much faster with the WG potion.

Morello: Still waiting for the WG reforms?
Maxim (adm): That is, in fact, it was redone there. The battles are kind of redone. You just need to add these builds, rebalance everything there. New realities, but it has not been launched. We need these chips there with cooldowns, etc.

raTaHoa: Likes on the forum are asking. So that ideas and proposals can be voted on.
Morello: For example, in the newspaper: BDshat comments, but publications are hamster.
Maxim (adm): And dislikes? No dislikes?
Morello: No dislikes.
Yulia: Just like. If you don't like it, don't mark it at all. The negative is already enough.
Maxim (adm): Dislike is easy to set if you don't have one. You reply to the message and write "dislike this message, if you agree, then like it".
Yulia: But at least make some likes. They are needed on the forum
Well, that's about it. There are many I left out which I didn't think are important. But you can read them all in the HWMDaily link. :)
Great work thank you!
Nice one, thanks for sharing
Most interesting stuff in here I think is the vague drive to reform CG and WG and mention of magic guild 5.

Also the Russians really are master trolls:

Maxim (adm): Dislike is easy to set if you don't have one. You reply to the message and write "dislike this message, if you agree, then like it".
Shame that there is no chance for english interviews. Translates so poorly the mood of the replies, or otherwise the admins really dont actually care! Lol
Alt tribal sounds like a lot of fun.
the admins really dont actually care!
Yes, in one of the answers he literally said that they do not look for any further expansion on .com side
Thank you Void_Moon this is much appreciated!
It means that ru advertising is cheap and effectively bring more players while com cost alot and bring less players. Contextual advertising so probably reacts when somebody is seachring or reading about browser rpg in heroes style.
I think we'll get a surge of com players once this stops being just a browser game and it finally turns into a mobile app
lookimg forward to mobile app and WG reforms
WG tasks like LeG tasks is an interesting idea, for sure.
With the event taking a while, I thought they had abandoned us XD
I'm atleast glad the interview doesn't imply any grim future for the game.
And I'm sorry for the misinformation, but I think GW translates to TG. So it's actually a nerf to TG?
Could someone correct this?
Sorry >.<
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