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AuthorNew campaign
The defeat of demon worshipers’ army and the capture of their castle, which was a residence for the mysterious infernal portal, seriously disrupted the plans of the mysterious enemy - and gave more than enough time to prepare the next step to elimination of this infection. To help the remaining civilians, Tarayden and Nillienne,with great sacrifice, were able to restore order in the vicinity of the infamous castle, and at the same time prepared a reliable rear for those brave souls who dared to step beyond the unholy gates.
Finally, it's time to descend into the depths of the underworld and challenge one of the most dangerous underworld King in the very heart of his infernal domains!

Dear Lords and Ladies! We’d like to introduce you to the fifth campaign, Here’s what’s in store for you:
- unique darkness demon with the summon ability
- trial by the "Explosion" spell of the 5th Chaos magic school
- Unique racial abilities "Instant summon" of the underworld King
- new creatures
- new landscape
- Lord ally in the battle

Remember! During the campaign, reinforcements will join you, however, only 7 stacks can fight on your side.

We also remind you that the balancing of the battles’ difficulty is not affected by victorious battles carried out in ammunition superior to the shop in terms of AP.

We wish you interesting battles and exciting adventures!
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