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306 st lv 13

Author306 st lv 13

1. 153 crusaders/153 crusaders/179 wolf riders/179 wolf riders/ attack orb
2. ghoul monster(7431 hp)/ 525 ghouls rest/ mana orb
3. 49 sphynx mummies/ sphynx mummy m (2494)/ 49 sphynx mummies/ 49 sphynx mummies/ res orb
4. 205 modern golem/ 83 camel ridels/ tamed wyvern m(2207)/ 206 leprachauns/ innitiative orb
5. 489 invaders/ 258 grandmaster bowmen/ 489 invaders/258 grandmaster bowmen/ innitiative orb
6.95 exorcists/ 810 swordsmen/ 149 senior genies/ 49 efreeti sultans/ attack orb
i could have a much higher score but i lost 2 phantoms really early and kept getting frozen in fear from ghouls. plus the gold incentive isnt there to hunt for first, 2nd or 3rd is good enough for me.
oh numbers are different for each faction i guess
the gold incentive isnt there
Exactly why people here don't care to check in the forums to do perfect runs lol. You might want to check the Russian forums, as that's more active in discussing survival tournaments.
its still profitable if you score in the top5 in like 5 factions i guess
Not even top 5. Even If u mirror in all factions, it's still profitable
ST is underrated.. its cheap and profitable
Nice comeback slayerofall! 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal if I counted right. Congrats!
thanks, honestly surprised i didnt win knight on 13 as well, i only lost like 2 griffons
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