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Women's Day

AuthorWomen's Day
March is a splendid time in the Empire, for while nature lives through great regeneration inherent to its hemisphere, comes its main holiday dedicated to those whose beauty never fades away and whose charm never changes.
Lords challenge each other and perform heroic deeds just to earn a place in their hearts, and just one their look might inspire creation of a most marvelous masterpiece.
And to-day is theirs - the Ladies' day!

On behalf of LordsWM team, let me greet all ladies in our game and express our warmest regards and best wishes! Let a happy smile forever seal your lips and never cede its rightful place to sadness, let your soul bloom with spring in every season of the year, and let your ears be reached by the most beautiful words spoken by those whose lives you have made brighter.

As a traditional way to remark this fabulous day, the following features will be available all day today:

the luck parameter of all female characters is increased by 1;
the tavern serves free restoration drinks to all characters;
any victorious combat earns a gift card which may be kept or gifted to a female character. Such cards will remain in characters' personal information pages for two weeks.

Happy Day of Beauty and Tenderness!
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