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Expansion to the East!

AuthorExpansion to the East!
Ni Hao, brave Lords! We are glad to inform you about the successful completion of difficult months-long negotiations with Chinese investors from the well-known company Yúrén Jié Corporation in the online games market. Vice president of the company Zhou Shaoshi have confirmed the conclusion of our mutually beneficial agreement. And now, together with you, we are ready to conquer the Chinese market! The first step will be the fulfillment of the three mandatory requirements by the Chinese side:

1) Complete translation of the game into Chinese. In this regard, starting from today, all news will be published in two versions - English and Chinese. And also in the near future the entire interface, help and all textual materials on the game will be translated into Chinese. Language selection will be added to personal settings.

2) Carry out a graphic redesign of game creatures. The main units have already been redrawn. Please report any errors you find on the special technical forum "Combat problems".

3) Add a new faction in Eastern philosophy. Work is already underway and today you can meet the first squad from the new faction.

This is just the beginning of our ascent to new heights of project development - and in the near future you will find many more interesting news and innovations. Our newly established Chinese office in Beijing, with more than 3 thousand highly qualified employees, is already working hard to develop new ideas for the development of the game.

Stay tuned, it will be interesting!



2)对游戏生物进行图形重新设计。主体已经重绘。请在专用技术论坛 “战斗问题” 中报告您发现的所有错误。



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