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AuthorPaired Tournament ++
It is customary to celebrate outstanding successes with worthy festivities. And what could be a great holiday for a real Lord or Lady if not a noble competition in the tournament arena? And what would be a better way to reflect the greatness of that cohesion that has become the key to the recent triumph than a competition in the Paired tournament? This event is undoubtedly the best embodiment of the team unity ever invented, but are those to whom it is dedicated really united?

While everyone's attention was focused on the opening ceremony of the tournament, in the box for the honor guests, Warlord Grammith and Councillor Feurlis tried to somehow get along in each other's company. None of them doubted their loyalty to the Empire, but the methods of serving it varied so much that even in the atmosphere of universal triumph, the tension only increased with each passing moment.
- I was told that the cargo had not been delivered to the garrisons in full, - Grammith suddenly said, breaking the prolonged silence, - Do you know anything about this, Councillor?
- A high percentage of defective goods, - the necromancer replied calmly, - Robbers are unpretentious people, they do not disdain either low-quality ammunition or low-quality goods. And our brave defenders deserve only the best. Aren't they? - the Councillor turned his empty gaze to his interlocutor.
- I believe they could select what is worthy of application themselves, - objected the Warlord.
- Why bother them too much? - Feurlis immediately retorted.
Trying to restrain himself from unreasonable accusations, Grammith was about to say something else, when he suddenly felt the unnatural coldness of someone's presence. Indeed, a moment later, his ghostly assistant appeared behind the Councillor's back. Bending over to her master, she quickly whispered something, in response to which she received an approving nod - and immediately disappeared again, flying through the massive curtain, without even stirring it up.
- Something happened? - asked the Warlord warily.
- Don't worry, nothing threatens the tournament, - the necromancer replied in a calm and measured tone, avoiding a direct answer.
Mentally cursing, Grammith decided not to continue this senseless dialogue and returned his gaze to the arena, where the first tournament battle was about to begin.

Brave Lords and Ladies! Through the mouths of heralds, the call of the tournament arena sounds again throughout the Empire. Donít miss the opportunity to take part in an exciting competition called Paired Tournament ++! Challenge the arena and fight magical copies of your rivals, while they are faced with copies of yourselves. Win and earn Commanderís Guild points and tournament points. To achieve success, it will be necessary to demonstrate not only your combat skills and coherent coordination, but also prudent wisdom.

Tournament feature: the battles will be held in the format of 2 Lords/ Ladies against 2 magic copies of another pair of Lords/Ladies, and every win will be rewarded with gold;

  - 20 wins and the percentage of winning fights from 90% to 100% of the best percentage of wins in the standings at the level;

  - 20 wins and the percentage of winning fights from 80% of the best percentage of wins in the standings at the level;

  - 20 wins

Furthermore, you will earn one creature armament for each win in the tournament. The additional gift will be rewarded for 5, 8, 12, 15, 20 and 30 wins:

 for 5 wins
 for 8 wins
 for 12 wins
 for 15 wins
 for 20 wins
 for 30 wins

The effects of these elixirs do not apply in PvP Tournaments, Commandersí Guild, Survival Tournaments or text quests. The elixirs may be consumed only before June 1, 2021.

Furthermore, during the 20th Paired Tournament++ you can earn parts of the Heaven bow:

For 1 win - 1 part.
For 3 wins - 2 parts.
For 10 wins - 4 parts.
For 16 wins - 8 parts.

Bronze achievement - 10 parts.
Silver achievement - 12 parts.
Gold achievement - 15 parts.

The parts you receive for winning battles, will be given out during the tournament, wins in both classifications count. The parts rewarded for the cups will be issued at the time of the rewarding. A Lord or Lady will only be rewarded parts for the one best cup they receive. In total, the maximum possible number of parts of the Heaven Bow, that can be earned for the tournament, is 30.

Attention! The tournament will draft players for the random and pre-arranged classifications at different times. From the :00 to :10 minute period of each hour, you can sign up to the random pairing classification. From the :30 to :40 minute period of each hour, you can sign up to the pre-arranged team classification. Thus, it is no longer possible for a pre-arranged team pairing to come up against a random pairing in the tournament!

Important! This tournament format does not place any restrictions on the number of losses. You can battle as many times as you want, until you reach the maximum number of wins and the tournament achievements are available to all Lords and Ladies! Prizes will only be rewarded to those who reach the required number of wins, in any number of attempts.

It is important to note - there are no entrance fees in this tournament!
Let the best coordinated team win!
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