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New inventory update

AuthorNew inventory update

Since the update in the inventory I notice that when you switch often from gear (for example hunt/thief/adventure) sometimes items get "stuck" and I cant equip em. I have to press like 10/15 times before my hero equipes it (and sometimes this doenst work either).

In some cases it wont equip and I have to use another item. This happens when I mannualy change for example footgear. I get a choice which footgear to use but it wont allow me to equip the one I want.

Often it is fixed one hour later but kinda annoying when I just got it repaired and want to use it again. Seems some kind of bug or the code behind it is not perfectly.

I notice it happens quiete frequently with items that just got repaired and sent back yo my inventory.

Hope it will get fixed soon :-)
closed by Arcanide (2021-05-20 22:07:02)
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