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How to use Dwarf Runes

AuthorHow to use Dwarf Runes
I am currently using Dwarf as a secondary faction. My fsl for Dwarf is already above 0, so I should be able to use a rune. But every time i battle, i can't find out how to use the runes. Can anyone please give advices about this?
Go thru this page to understand runes and prerequisite for them, if not done already.


To use the first rune which is rune of crusade, you need to construct 'School of rune magic' in castle , faction skill level 1 as well as the creature should loose atleast one stack in the battle.

The rune menu should appear on the left hand side(if I'm not wrong) in the combat and the runes for which you meet the prerequisite will be highlighted and rest will be grayed out.
Thank you Murali!
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