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Freezed combat

AuthorFreezed combat
This happened during the event of Dungeon Caves. I was kind of lazy to report it due to it has an easy fix.

At the moment of AI turn, AI din't move, I had to refresh page and I was surprised that it was not AI turn but mine. I'm Hoping is not a common bug

This is a rare bug and I suspect it's the same as this one:

Except in your case, it bugged into an AI turn so we know something is up immediately.
In other cases like that other post, it could bug into another player's turn so it's indistinguishable from a genuine turn.
In those cases, it will simply look like that one guy just suddenly stopped playing, let his timer runs out, then the combat text updates and says that some other unit entirely had waited.

Refreshing fixes this, so it is most likely a client-server desync bug related to initiative calculations.
One possible idea is that when 2 stacks happen to fall into the exact same ATB positions, the tie-break rule might not be fully well-defined in some rare conditions, possibly resulting in different turn orders by the server (actual turn order) and the client (turn order we see). Refreshing then simply gets us the current and correct state of the combat from the server.
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