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Disassemble option for used items

AuthorDisassemble option for used items

This might have been suggested a while ago (I don't know), but this game lacks a bit of 'creativity'.

When you buy an item from the market or the artifact store, that item is made using raw materials (by the empire), such as wood/steel/sulfur... Wouldn't it make more sense that we could disassemble an item that hits 0/xx for 1/5th of the raw materials?

Then you would have the option to repair it with blacksmith service OR dissamble it for a few rescoursce items. You could even work with decimals to make it not to profitable. That would be a nice boost to the market system and encourage players to not just "throw away" items.

They could even make it a bit of luck dependent, that for example a "sword of power" could give between 0.05 -0.35 pieces of steel, 0.05 -0.08 wood (because the handle is in wood) and 0.02 pieces of sulfur (because it is a common extra when you would want to destroy iron). Depending on durability ofcourse and only shop arts (that are sold in the artefact shop).

I really think they miss out on opportunities. They could even make it a guild and at best this will make items like steel/wood more common to use. For example, Empire could encourage dissambling items by buying them from players, empire ships them to the factories and the circle is complete.

Just a concoction. Feel free to contribute your thoughts. Discarding just doesn't make sense in the story. Where do you throw them away? Where do they go? Does empîre have an island with all the 0/xx arts? What benefit has a 0/xx that has lost its value to repair?

It actually was kind of like this before and it was annoying as hell.

When a normal shop art hit 0 durability you would discard it and get about 30% of the price back as gold (and I think resources?) This is going back 8 or 10 years in the game.

It meant that artifacts were more expensive because you basically had to pay a deposit to own them. The cost per battle was the same but there was that initial hurdle to ownership that was later reimbursed. It meant that 'poor' players would struggle to get artifacts and in general it was just a buggerance to buy them.

I agree the game could be more creative in terms of craft and rolls etc, if they added this without increasing the cost then great, if it reverted to the old system then no thanks.
I was here 8-10 years ago, I dont recal it.. :o They should not raise the price, that would ruin the system.. Just find a way to make it not to profitable but profitable enough to do something with those items.
Ye arci,

The items where 30% more expensive but when it would be 0, you could discard it and get that 30% back. So it came out equal as its now.

But yes, i follow your idea, sounds great. a Skill called disasembling where you get parts of the resources back and these resources can perhaps be used in the process of creating a new one orso..

Because right now, nickel and steel and most of the other items made for weapons are not really usefull
would also be good for the trashie 10/10 items you get from events. Because i'm not gonna use a 10/10 helm that's perfect for lvl 9 heroes =P
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