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Settlement defence

AuthorSettlement defence
It is hard to believe, but robbers have their own code of honor. It is very specific by civilized standards, but sometimes it even drowns out more common feelings like greed and desire to save their own skins. Few recent defeats ended in losses of a number of major camps, valuable cargo, and even thwarted deals seriously pissed off the self-appointed King of the robbers’ wastelands. While in all other areas business of the robbers was going pretty well, the Empire and its praised Lords and Ladies continued to be a thorn in their side. And it was a pretty substantial thorn. Revenge became a case of honor for them! Or a crazy ideafix..
- Burn it all!!! Spare no one!!! - the robbers’ leader occupying the top of the hill where the roofs of the peasant houses could be seen shouted out loud.
- Boss,... - a voice of a puffed outrider rang out suddenly, - ... everything is going according to the usual scheme in the middle and left…
- Send the best ones there! - the leader ordered turning to his assistant and not waiting for the end of the report.
- And there is some strange junkie on the right, - the outrider added as soon as the leader shut up.
- Let the younglings check what an impudent rascal he is!! - the leader of the robbers gave another order, turning to the second assistant, after which he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly, attracting the attention of everyone around, - I need rivers of imperial blood !!! - he shouted at last, urging the outrider with a kick in the pants and pointing with a terrible axe in the direction of the imperial village.

Brave Lords and Ladies! Border guards report a robber’s horde that is rapidly approaching the Empire's border settlements. They must be stopped at any cost! Warlord Grammith calls on all to join the ranks of the defenders, in order to repel the raid of the enemy. It is necessary to save as many innocent lives as possible!

Combat briefing:
1) You need to be of combat level 5 or above to participate. Only shop artifacts are allowed; enchantments take no effect;
2) Your starting village population is 1,000;
3) 10% of the current civilian population will join you in every battle to help defend the village;
4) All battles are 1v1;
5) After every battle, the surviving villagers collect 1 resource for each 10 people. Each house that is still standing increases the village population by 30;
6) You can spend resources to rebuild houses, erect and rebuild towers, increase their damage and health, and give them new abilities;
7) Rebuilding costs are 10 resources per house and 20 resources per tower;
8) You can fight up to 12 battles daily; any unused attempts carry over to the next day(s).
You can fight up to 72 battles overall through June 16;
9) For every win you will earn creature armaments, shop artifacts. When the event is over, you will also receive a reward in gold;
10) Each win will be additionally rewarded with points of the Mercenaries’ Guild;
11) Potion of skill is fully effective;
12) The reward for the battles will be parts of rare artifacts and not only:


for 10 wins: +1 part;
for 20 wins: +2 parts, +5 Elixir of restoration;
for 30 wins: +3 parts;
for 40 wins: +4 parts, Abu-Bakir's Charm 10 days;
for 50 wins: +5 parts;
for 60 wins: +5 parts, stack of rare creatures.

As well as up to 10 parts of Heaven shield according to the results of the event, taking into account the personal contribution of each Lord and Lady to the success of the operation.

Once you collect 100 parts of the special artifact, you may assemble its fragments into a one full-fledged artifact. This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rent, but can be transferred for repairs or enchantment.

Tactical tips:
Think carefully about where to erect your towers. FFor example, if you place them on the first line, they will be broken more often; and if you place them further from the enemy, then they will do less damage due to the greater distance. Also, try to move your army forward in order to protect the villagers.

In addition, the vanguard report that the robbers are throwing their main forces on the armies of the factions they know well with the usual battle formations and are a little bit wary of especially rare representatives of the less popular factions, with whom they have almost never met on the battlefield before.

Lords and Ladies that attain the highest population numbers at the end will receive generous rewards from the Empire!

Defend our villages!
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