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Event ranking

AuthorEvent ranking
Together with top players and top clans I would very much like an event ranking list, both individual and for clans. Admins could figure out the details, but letís say you count the best 10-15 event scores last twelve months similar to the tennis ranking.
Sounds really good, this list can be used for tracking purpose for the clan leaders and see which all folks are not performing or taking part in events.

And similarly reward the top performers.

Imo the problem lies in the game admins taking a bit of slack because the hmw russian site provides most or some of such stuff.

If these features are integrated & made part of the game itself, would be really helpful! The event history and detailed information is surely a good idea!

Would be cool

Also, if clans got an achievement or medal or something like players do which could show on the clan info page, it would be cool I think
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