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Minor Tournament

AuthorMinor Tournament
my translation of the minor Tournament:

Small Tournament++

Blinded by rage and lust for vengeance, the brigands could offer nothing against the iron discipline and cold tactical calculations of the imperial defenders. The strength of their attacks diminished rather quickly, and they continued to attack more out of stubbornness and fear of their leader than with any expectation of success. The enemy was utterly defeated - and its final defeat was only a matter of days. But the bandits deserved far greater punishment for their insolence! Unfortunately it was not possible to capture them all and execute them publicly. But it was possible to destroy them morally. And the order of voivode Grammit was simple and clear - to announce the start of the Jubilee Small Tournament! Yes, to do it with maximum solemnity and publicly, so that every rat on the other side of the barricades would know about it. Let them gnaw on the pillars of rifle towers while the mighty celebrate their triumph at the noble feast of Her Majesty's Battle!

Heroes, to the envy of the enemy, the Empire celebrates its imminent triumph today - and invites all who wish to share this moment of triumph with her! On this occasion the 50th anniversary of the Small Tournament++ is announced. This format of competition assumes that any Hero who has the required number of victories for one or more factions in as many attempts can get an achievement. And today, anyone who has reached combat level 3 can take this challenge and prove their superiority in a series of 1x1 duels with equal level opponents. The intrigue of unforgettable battles and inexpressible impressions, a decent amount of Tactics Guild points and faction skills, as well as gold, elixirs, fragments of special artifacts and much more await you in this competition. And the bravest and most worthy will get to share the main prize pool and will be awarded with special tournament achievements:

- 15 Victories per faction and a winning percentage of 90% to 100% of the best winning percentage per faction on the level

- 15 Victories per faction and a winning percentage of 80% of the best faction win percentage on level

- 15 Victories per faction

During the 50th Small Tournament, the reward in gold for winning battles is significantly increased, and also, all battles will be played in a "level" format (for all participants the effects of Guild Potions and Factions Potions are automatically activated).

Attention! This is a special tournament format, in which there is no limit on the number of defeats, and every Hero can get an achievement! Rewarding will be done faction by faction - and to get bronze, you need to win the required number of victories by one faction. For this tournament you can get several achievements for several factions.

Moreover, for each victory in a tournament battle the Hero will be awarded gold and a creature artifact. And for 5, 8 and 12 victories by one faction (you can get many elixirs) a special elixir will be awarded:

- For 5 victories in one faction

- For 8 victories in a faction

- For 12 victories in a faction

The effect of elixirs does not apply to combat in PvP tournaments, Guild Tactics, Survival Tournament and text quests. Elixirs must be used before August 1, 2021.

Moreover, during the 50th Small Tournament++ you can earn parts of Heavenly Amulet and Armor of Darkness:

- For 1 victory, 1 part each.
- For 3 victories, 3 pieces.
- For 5 victories, 6 pieces.
- For 8 victories, 10 pieces.

For bronze, 10 pieces of Heavenly Amulet.
15 Heavenly Amulet parts for Silver.
20 pieces of Heavenly Amulet for gold.

Victory Points will be awarded during the tournament; victories for all factions will be taken into account. Parts for cups will be given during the awarding, one Hero can be awarded parts for only one best cup. In total, a maximum of 40 pieces of Heavenly Amulet and 20 pieces of Armor of Darkness can be earned per tournament.

There are no entry fees in th
There are no entry fees in this tournament and the prize pool has been greatly increased!

Good luck with your tournament battles!

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