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Pirates Siege!

AuthorPirates Siege!
For some unknown reason, too much attention has been paid to the East Island lately. Surely this is all part of the insidious intrigues of an Empire, which is trying to hide its secret supply of illegal gold in a treasury hidden under a prison fortress. At least, this is the logical conclusion that Captain Red Beard once again came to, considering all the recent rumours. Such a chance could not be missed - and the pirate armada was already heading to the shores of the Imperial prison island.

Lords and Ladies, pirates are again trying to establish a blockade of the East Island and make fierce attempts to storm the prison fortress located on it. To prevent a riot or escape of the prisoners, it is necessary to break through the blockade and deliver to the island the materials necessary for repairs of the fortress.

All Lords and Ladies of at least the 3rd combat level can go to the assembly point , to take part in the restoration of the island fortress, and the battles with the pirates besieging it. Fights with pirates are held in 1 vs 1 format.

Economy and ships:
1) You’ll receive 1 unit of silver for each ton of cargo you deliver;
2) In exchange for silver, imperial workshops are ready to upgrade cannons on an existing ship, or provide a new and more spacious ship supporting more cannons;
3) Each ship has limited durability, reduced by one with every trip to East Island. Make sure to closely monitor this and upgrade your ship wisely;
4) The more materials you transport, the stronger pirate you’ll face;
5) Each ship has a minimum and maximum cargo capacity. The Empire cherishes its fleet and will not release ships from the harbor with less than a minimum load;
6) If you are defeated in a sea battle, 100% of the cargo on board is lost;
7) Goods prices on the island change every hour, on the hour;
8) The parameters of a ship’s cannons are determined by your character’s combat level and any cannon upgrades you purchase, but do not depend on your character’s stats.

Other details
1) A personal ship awaits each Lord or Lady at: Harbor City, Mithril Coast, Kingdom Castle;
2) Cargo may be transported for seven days, through 19 July (Three additional days will be allowed for players to complete their remaining attempts, until July 22 inclusive);
3) Only shop artifacts are allowed, and enchantments have no effect;
4) The Empire will generously reward those who deliver the most cargo to the Island;
5) You can make up to 12 successful sailings per day out of 18 available attempts. Any unused attempts carry over to the next day(s). (Maximum number of wins are 84, maximum number of attempts are 126);
6) Lords or Ladies from the 5th combat level will receive +1 point of the Mercenaries' guild for each victorious battle;
7) You may earn creature armaments for defeating pirates.

The accomplishments of each Lord and Lady will be further recognised with parts of special artifacts:

For 10 wins: +1 part;
For 20 wins: +2 parts;
For 30 wins: +4 parts;
For 60 wins: +5 parts;
For 80 wins: +8 parts

You may also receive up to 15 parts of Heaven Amulet depending on your personal contribution to this war effort.

Raise the sails, yarr!
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