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Depository in houses

AuthorDepository in houses
Players renting from players is severely discouraged due to the fact that the person has to be online to send you artifacts. Now estates already have a huge cost with very very little return. My suggestion is to add a small (5-10 slots) clan like depository into peoples estates. Obviously this addition would cost a huge lump sum of gold. However it would allow players to rent artifacts to other players while being offline.
No need to change anything regarding this matter. Everything is perfect as it is. So, -999
Very interesting. I don't see a problem here or any adverse effect.

+1 nice idea will actually give purpose to have those.
Yeah interesting idea. Before you could rent arts from the art shop/clan depots player to player rentals were very common and there was a nice active market. It is kind of a shame that part of the game has mostly died.
save me the hasle of translating meessage to ru player
Unfortunately it won't happen, quote from admins interview below.

4. There will be no rental market between players.

for Murali:
Thatís a shame. Iím unsure why administration would not support this idea. It would significantly increase interest and value in estates.
Often times the clans have to import artifacts from members and have to pay these members for the usage of the artifacts.
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