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AuthorGreat Contest
Nothing motivates improvement like the triumphant success of an arch-rival. Months of looking up to see the hated purple banners on the walls of the Capital only strengthened the desire of the Griffin loyalists to take their long-awaited revenge. Surely they didn't just forget to take them off, - it was all the work of Manticore’s devious minions who wished to prolong their era of greatness once again. But the Griffin’s spirit is unstoppable, and once again ready to spread it’s wings. Only the Arena of the Great Contest can answer whether the fearless Griffin will rise again, or whether the age of the great Manticore will know no end!

Glorious Lords and Ladies! Summer is in full swing - and its fierce temperature never lets us forget. Can it match the passions that are about to erupt in the Imperial Arena? Warlord Grammith and the Dwarven Leader Tolgar announce the start of the Great Contest!


The Rules of the contest:
1) Lords and Ladies from the 5th combat level can chose to side with either the Griffin or the Manticore squad, through a random draw;
2) At :00 and :30 of each hour (except night time break) there will be recruiting for the contest;
3) The battles will take place in the same format as in history - 2x2. Moreover, both rivals and allies can be AI;
4) Only shop artifacts may be worn, enchantments have no effect;
5) The competition will last 10 days, until 2 August;
6) Up to 30 wins can be achieved in the contest;
7) Lords and Ladies will receive 1.5x increased skill points, as well as CG points;
8) Potion of skill extends to the contest fights;
9) At the end of the contest, the Empire will generously reward all Lords and Ladies of both sides;
10) During the competition, the number of wins of each side will be counted, the battles with AI involved will not be taken into account;
11) The competition is divided into three rounds - the first and second rounds will last 4 days, and the third 2 days. At the beginning of each round, the parties will have a zero score. The winner will be the team that wins in at least two rounds;
12) Each Lord and Lady who has achieved 3 wins, will receive a special artifact (slot: backpack) in the inventory – the Gonfalon of Griffin or the Gonfalon of Manticore, which can be worn in the contest. And those who manage to win all 30 battles will be additionally rewarded the Order of their team!

Moreover, for the 7th, 14th and 24th wins a special elixir will be rewarded:

 For 7 wins

 For 14 wins

 For 24 wins

The effect of elixirs does not apply to battles in PvP events, PvP tournaments, Commanders’ guild, survival tournament and text quests. Elixirs must be used before October 1, 2021.

And the main novelty of this competition is a special prize from the organizers in the form of parts of the Heaven Amulet for each win:

And the Golden Scroll of Summoning for the 30th win!

We wish you spectacular battles and glorious victories!
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