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Bug in conspirators with the beaver

AuthorBug in conspirators with the beaver
I came across a bug with the conspirators MG quest, below are the findings with comparisons -

Demons, Dwarves, Dark elves - conspirators {4}
Reward: 8203 experience, 3000 gold, 1.9 fsp

Justin beaver appeared in this battle and the waves kept on coming, like infinite waves. Another important point to add is that - I was playing this on mirror since beginning and as soon as Justin appeared i switched mirror off but the game kept going on auto and i didnt have any control. Even when the battle was over, in background of the notification pop up - my troops kept fighting infinite waves.

Just for comparison - below is another conspirator wave -

Barbarians, Tribals - conspirators {5}
Reward: 1968 exp and 0.63 fsp

Compensation from the admin's would be appreciated as we didn't try to exploit this :D
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