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[2021.08.15] Day of the Mercenary

Author[2021.08.15] Day of the Mercenary
Astrologers proclaim the Day of the Mercenary! Only today:

  • Your reputation with Mercenaries' Guild cannot drop.
  • +20% extra Mercernaries' Guild points earned.
  • Auto combat is available in all Mercenaries' Guild quests.
  • Well, did not expect this one, but noice.
    MG10 here i come
    Im ready to hunt all day!
    How do you manage to keep wining with auto?


    That's just plain easy and no amount of AP would have turned that into a victory.
    Don't play vanguard on auto.
    Who got 1000+ MG done yesterday? :D
    Maybe arround 30 on me
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