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[2021.08.22] Day of Helpful Hunters

Author[2021.08.22] Day of Helpful Hunters
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Helpful Hunters! Only today:

  • If you win in 5 assisted hunts, you will receive Abu Bakir's Charm for 5 days.
  • +50% Hunters' Guild points earned for all assisted hunts.
  • i'm getting 0.15 HG points for assisting, where are they seeing those +50%?
    oh i see, you as the one calling for assistance is getting +50% more, makes no sense thou
    Normally you get 0.1
    Just realised, I had Stallion mount with about 10 days left. Does this mean I lose the last 5 days after the premium mount from Abu Bakir's Charm ends?
    Is the charm a physical item or is it a buff of some sort? New to this sorry
    for KonTrolled:
    It refers to Abu-Bakir's Charm from artifact store

    I just finished my 5th assisted Hunter win, and didn't receive my Abu-Bakir's Charm. :(
    Oh wait, never mind. Just got 4. Onward to another assisted Hunt.
    Question answered, stallion mount came back active now, just replaced by premium mount for 5 days
    That sucks
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