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Hunting season!

AuthorHunting season!
Neither the futile attempts of a handful of dirty robbers, nor the false gossip about the Sheriff's defeat, can break the spirit of those who are loyal to the Empire with all their heart and soul. There will be no celebration of troublemakers! The Hunterís Guild is announcing a new hunting season to spite them! Such a hot summer is worthy to end with an equally heated competition between the best masters of one of the most noble crafts. Let the glorious record festival begin!

Brave Lords and Ladies, the Hunterís Guild is solemnly announcing the start of a new hunting season, and invites all Empireís hunters to take part in this glorious event. However, before the start, the guild representatives recommend that everyone familiarise themselves with the general set of rules:
- All Lords and Ladies of combat level 5 or above are invited;
- The ammunition limit for the first three difficulty levels is restricted to shop artifacts, and artifact enchantments have no effect;
- No restrictions on ammunition and enchantments for the 4th level of difficulty;
- Battles take place in the format of 1 Lord or Lady with his troops, against a group of neutral troops;
- Spell damage racial bonus for wizards does not apply in these hunts;
- The hunter is given a map with marked targets of varying difficulty, the targets are the same for all Lords and Ladies of the same combat level, faction and class;
- On the first day, you can fight the first 10 targets in any order. 10 more levels will be unlocked every subsequent day. To be able to attack the next day's targets, all targets from the previous day need to be defeated. There will be 60 targets available in total;
- For the successful defeat of targets , you can get Huntersí Guild points, creatureís armaments, hunter artifacts and gold;
- Choosing the higher difficulty yields higher rewards and provides more points for the Lord/Lady. Rewards from one target do not sum up. After completing easier targets, the reward for the higher ones will decrease;
- Important! The 4th level of difficulty for each target is designed to be passed using enchantments (FFA). The number of points for this difficulty level does not differ from the number of points for the 3rd difficulty level; If you defeat the 3rd level of difficulty, then the 4th will be unavailable and vice versa;
- The hunting season will last only 10 days, until 8th September inclusive;
- If you win 50 hunts, you will receive a 15-day version of Abu Bakirís Charm;

Personal successes of each Lord or Lady will be additionally rewarded with parts of the Heaven ring:
for 10 points: +1 part;
for 20 points: +2 parts;
for 30 points: +3 parts;
for 40 points: +4 parts;
for 50 points: +5 parts;
for 60 points: +7 parts;
for 80 points: +8 parts;

And parts of the Dark Axe:
for 50 points: +20 parts;

All Lords and Ladies who win at level 15 will receive a special achievement visible on their character page, and a trophy forest artifact, the durability of which depends on the points scored. There will be no additional rewards that are not mentioned in this news.

We wish you all a successful hunt!
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