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AuthorMixed tournament plus
After a light warm-up in the vastness of the imperial forests, it's time for a more serious competition worthy of real Lords and Ladies! Not with helpless prey, cornered or shot on the way to a carelessly thrown bait, but with rivals much more cunning and inventive, whose character is not so easy to predict. And the arena of the Mixed Tournament is already ready to throw this challenge to all daredevils who are not afraid of the most unexpected and unpredictable combat builds. Let the new celebration of the battle begin!

Brave Lords and Ladies! The tournament arena again invites everyone from the 5th combat level to take part in one of the most unpredictable competitions in the lands of the Empire - Mixed Tournament Plus. As before, the entrance is free for everyone, and each victory will be additionally rewarded with gold! Moreover, inspired by the recent changes in the Commanders Guild, the organisers promise an extra reward in gold for each victory in the tournament battles! And also - absolutely new and improved rules of distribution for participants! Don't miss the opportunity to prove yourself in a series of group battles as part of multi-level teams. Win and earn Commanders Guild points and tournament points in individual scoring. And those who succeed better than others will be rewarded with prize gold and unique tournament achievements:

- 20 victories and 90% win rate

- 20 victories and 80% win rate

- 20 victories

For each victory in the tournament battle, the Lord/Lady will be awarded gold! And for 4, 9, 15 and 20 victories will be given an additional gift:

 For 4 victories
 For 9 victories
 For 15 victories
 For 20 victories

The effects of the elixirs do not function in battles in PvP events, PvP tournaments, Commanders' Guild, Survival Tournaments or text quests. Elixirs must be used before December 1st, 2021.

Moreover, during the 41st Mixed Tournament plus you can earn parts of the Heaven ring and Dark armour.

For 1 win: +1 part.
For 3 wins: +3 parts.
For 10 wins: +6 parts.
For 16 wins: +10 parts.

Bronze achievement - 8 Heaven ring parts.
Silver achievement - 10 Heaven ring parts.
Gold achievement - 12 Heaven ring parts.

Beware! This is tournament format, in which there are no limits on the amount of losses. Every lord will be able to earn an achievement!

Please note that there are no entry fees for this tournament, and each victory will be additionally rewarded with gold

Success in the tournament!
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