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Merging Group Battle & Commanders Guild

AuthorMerging Group Battle & Commanders Guild
Merge these two modes of PvP. Abolish the current GB and bring it into CG. Players can create GB-esque challenges (evenly, optional, everyone for oneself) in CG. Players who prefer random allocation can join the usual CG battle.

- Those who enjoy the current GB no longer have to play PvP while weakening their character and eventually quit when they realize they are too weak to play any other thing.

- It brings a sense of freshness for current CG players allowing us to choose partners, playing all for oneself, etc.

- Prevents players from being randomly allocated to trolls.

- More players playing, promote PvP, more CG points, etc.

Restrictions (to prevent excessive farming and maintain fairness)
- Players cannot play with/against the same player more than twice per day.

- Players who create the challenge will have their profile blurred (like when clan have wars) so opponents do not have the advantage of seeing your build/faction.

- Players can only join if they wear +/- 15 AP arts.

No idea if this was suggested before, but I thought it would make PvP more fun.
Also, CG points rewarded will depend on the AP worn. This prevents players from farming CG points by wearing cheap arts.
Id like CG to be max ap only

Otherwise it isnt fair, and thats kinda the point of it for me

And preformed teams have a huge scope for lopsided battles with one team being stacked and well matched in terms of builds

So idk if I agree

I like the idea but I dont think it will turn out to be good in practice
Id like CG to be max ap only. Otherwise it isnt fair
The current CG will still operate as it is, so players can still remain there if they like. I wouldn't expect a sudden increase in participation too, but just thought it would be nice to have the option of playing some different kind of battles without worrying about weakening our character.

Current mechanics is like you either play CG with some random people and build your character, or play group battles with people you know but worsen your character.
sounds good until you come to realize it would just be pumped player teams steamrolling other people/teams.

how much fun would you have joining a friend in cg only to face #1 &2 on your level stat wise and you and your partner are out stst'ed by a combined 15 points, which makes winning almost impossible. how long until this game mode becomes like duel in cg where no one even joins it?
sounds good until you come to realize it would just be pumped player teams steamrolling other people/teams.
oof haha, that sounds disastrous. It actually happens even in current GB where players ignore the AP description and go in with full arts. Perhaps, admins can create the option for players to select max ap and/or max paraeter allowed in the battle.
Max parameter allowed simply makes having a strong character pointless, goes against game mechanics in my view

Agree with slayer on the steamroll too xD
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