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   Forums-->Ideas and suggestions-->Option to disable matching versus bots in CG

AuthorOption to disable matching versus bots in CG
2021-10-13 13:42: c lord fallen[12], [13] vs **, *ADZAVZIQN KARET*

-1 bots are easy wins

Has your opinion changed? ;)
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Off topic]
for merlin36:
Not even a little. That battle was easy as usual. I didnt realize the knight took fireproof talent and told the wizard to fireball the wardens. Had I not made that mistake of not checking then it would have been a different outcome
Choosing which stack to kill, when to block and when to run are not as straightforward as hitting everything in your range with unicorns and boars
Lets be honest this is the exact opposite. You spell everything down in range and continuously move out of range with gargs/uni and defend with golem/tree. Brainless.
Might involves a lot repositioning and using wait button for more opportune times to attack.
Youll never convince me a tactical might battle involves less brain than spelling down and running or defending. This has always been known as the scaredy-cat tactic. Im not the first one to say this and I wont be the last
for lord fallen:
You can have them. The suggestion is to disable by choice for oneself.

Anyway I respect this so Ill change to +1
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