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Questionable AI in MG fight?

AuthorQuestionable AI in MG fight?
From the Vanguard battle above, you can see the shrews.. acting rather recklessly. Is it intended or a bug? All other Vanguard type battles have the allied AI behave very defensively except for this one?
Shrews have 8 speed here, whereas other AI allies in vanguards have 0 speed.

The point is that shrews have strike and return (and no retaliation) so they can help out in the battle without exposing themselves (in theory). In practice, you have to block them on the first turn so that this doesn't happen.
I see.. Thank you for the clarification! And I never noticed that the other allied AI in Vanguard battles have 0 speed
closed by Kamlot (2021-10-12 11:44:39)
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