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Battle replays on clicking event tab

AuthorBattle replays on clicking event tab
My last battle just replays if I click on the event tab

I tried to do WG and the same thing happened there as well, after 1 battle, the replay kept opening

Also I think that dura didnt get used up for them both and they are also not in my combat log at the time of writing

https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=1188669361 Is the link for WG

https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=1188668766&show_for_all=L3163aace59 For the event battle

These are the links which open when I try to go to WG or Event page, please help, thanks :D
I have the same issue with LeG. When I click the guild button it takes me to my last LeG battle. Please fix ASAP.
The event got fixed but WG and LeG still stuck

Inventory is also glitchy and the forum also doesnt show this post on the main forum page, need to open the tab to see it
Sorry about the multiple posts, thought this might be of help

When I open combat log or forum its like it opens an old page from cache or something because the gold it shows jumps to 6-7k higher than on char page, which is what it was before I just bought an art. Also the CG flag is a constant yellow (regular cg indicating color) regardless of time and type of battle which should be at that enlisting time (mixed should be red)
Works fine again now, thanks!
closed by rohanarora (2021-10-22 12:36:33)
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