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Minor Tournament ++ and mini-balance

AuthorMinor Tournament ++ and mini-balance
With each further stage of the rescue operation into the depths of underground caves, it becomes more and more difficult to keep its secrecy. When many of the EmpireТs most famous Lords and Ladies suddenly disappear from sight, and then hundreds or even thousands of missing people begin to return home. When most of whom, in a wonderful way, cannot remember any detail of their salvation, this raises many unnecessary questions. But why allow the inhabitants of the Empire to experience all these unnecessary worries? Especially on the eve of the winter festivities season. Better to worry about simpler things... For example, how not to miss a single enthralling duel in the theatre of the upcoming Minor Tournament. After all, an entertained populace is a carefree populace. What else is needed for happiness?

Lords and Ladies, a carefree life in the Empire is in full swing - and its glorious people demand entertainment worthy of their attention. Therefore, the start of the Minor tournament ++ is triumphantly announced. Any Lord/Lady can claim an achievement simply by obtaining the necessary number of wins for one or several factions, in any number of attempts. Today, the tournament arena will challenge each of you who has reached the 3rd combat level or higher in a series of 1vs1 duels with another Lord or Lady of the same combat level. The intrigue of unforgettable battles and indescribable tactics, a good number of Commanders' guild points and faction skill points, as well as gold, elixirs, parts of special artifacts and much more await you within the framework of this competition. The worthiest and the most courageous will be rewarded with a share of the main prize pool and commemorated by special tournament achievements.

- 15 wins with a faction and a ratio of wins to attempts that is in the 90th percentile among all tournament players for the same faction and combat level

- 15 wins with a faction and a ratio of wins to attempts that is in the 80th percentile among all tournament players for the same faction and combat level

- 15 wins with a faction

Important! All battles of this tournament will be held in the "equal" format - the effects of Potion of Guilds and Potion of Skill are automatically activated for all participants.

Attention! This is a special tournament format in which there is no limit on the number of defeats, and every Lord and Lady can get the achievement! Rewarding will be done on a factional basis Ц and to get bronze, you need to win the required number of wins with one faction. For this tournament, you can get several achievements for several factions.

Moreover, for each win in a tournament battle, the Lord/ Lady will be rewarded with a creature armament and gold. On reaching 5, 8 and 12 wins for each faction you will be rewarded with special elixir (you can get elixirs for each different faction):

For 5 wins with a faction
For 8 wins with a faction
For 12 wins with a faction

Elixirs do not have any effect on PvP tournament battles, commanderТs guild battles, survival tournament battles and text quest battles. The elixirs above must be used before January 1, 2022.

Last but not the least, participants of the Minor Tournament ++ are eligible to earn parts of Heaven Ring and Dark Axe:

For 1 win - 1 part.
For 3 wins - 3 parts.
For 5 wins - 6 parts.
For 8 wins - 10 parts.

Bronze achievement - 8 parts of Heaven Ring.
Silver achievement - 10 parts of Heaven Ring.
Gold achievement - 15 parts of Heaven Ring.

Parts for wins will be given out during the tournament and wins for all factions are taken into account. The parts rewarded for the achievements will be issued on completion of the tournament when gold prizes are distributed. Lords/Ladies will only be awarded parts for their best achievement in this tournament. In total, the maximum you can earn is 35 pieces of Heaven Ring and 20 pieces of the Dark Axe.

Further good news - there is no entrance fee for competing in this tournament. The prize pool has also been significantly increased!

Important! Based on recent Commanders' Guild recommendations, the armies of all factions have been rebalanced. All Lords and Ladies are advised to visit the Recruiting page and check for possible changes in the recruit count of their army. All saved setups were reset.

We wish you lots of success in the Minor Tournament ++ battles!
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