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Halloween 2021

AuthorHalloween 2021
Once again, the whole Empire was in the grip of holiday nightmares. Only those who simply do not believe in them, as in all other Old Believer superstitions, can hide from them. Many others, over the years, have already managed to get used to them, and some even look forward to their arrival from year to year. But nowadays very few people will remember how it all started. Since ancient times, the farmers of these lands have honored the ancient spirits of the harvest - and on the last day of the harvest, it was customary to leave them a gift of the largest squash that grew during the season. No one dared to break this tradition, until one day in a particularly fruitful year. A squash the size of which no one in the land had ever seen, was grown in one of the fields. Having looked at it and imagining how tasty the soup cooked from it would taste, the owner of the field could not resist - and plucked the tempting fruit, leaving the spirits another smaller one as a gift. Falling into a rage, the spirits decided to teach the impudent farmer a lesson - and gave him an unforgettable night of nightmares. Bound by fear, the farmer spent all day long cowering in his bed, afraid even to look out from under the blanket. However, as soon as the terrible magic was dispelled - he suddenly realized that he was still alive. All these ancient spirits turned out to be not so terrible after all, and the feast that he eventually threw - made him completely forget about what happened. What happened to him a year later - even history itself does not remember, but since then many inhabitants of these lands have been divided into those who still continue to honor the traditions of their ancestors and honor the ancient spirits, and those who are ready to challenge them - or even conquer them, turning against their old rivals or those who are simply not nice.

The curse of Halloween has once again come true - and today strange creatures with squash-like bodies, called the Squashmen, have again appeared on the Empire’s lands. Having entered into combat with one of them, you can tame it - and then it will be able to carry out the most daring orders of its master, attacking other Lords and Ladies. Doing his dirty work, Squashman will share the acquired skills with his master, gradually improving his abilities. Initially, the pumpkin monster will be able to defeat only weak Lords or Ladies, but gradually it will gain strength to cope with stronger opponents. Any Lord or Lady from the 3rd combat level will be able to tame the power of this creature! And 7,000 of the most powerful Squashmen will remain forever in the memory and achievements of their owners (1,500 gold, 2,500 silver and 3,000 bronze):


Every Lord or Lady from the 3rd combat level will be able to meet Squashman on the Empire map. While viewing information about other Lords and Ladies, it will be possible to attack them with Squashman , if they are in the game and not participating in combat, all their free parameters are distributed, weapons are equipped, and their army is sufficiently recruited. In support of the Squashman, recruited units from among the followers of the Leaders’ Guild will enter the battlefield! For each battle fought, the festive creature will receive experience points, and its owner will receive skill points for won battles. Experience points can be spent on improving the parameters of the Squashman. A portion of experience can be purchased for gold, but no more than 50,000. You can attack with a creature no more than once every 2 minutes and no more than 200 times. At the end of October 31st, Squashman will disappear as if he never existed.

Moreover, Halloween spirits are again spreading fear in the Imperial lands. This year, their cunning is as strong as ever! Every 20 minutes, they will break the line between nightmare and reality, challenging everyone they can reach to a mortal battle! Get ready to face horror in all its glory! Only today:
- Up to 9 times in a dream, nightmares can come to Lords and Ladies;
- Artifacts do not use durability during nightmares;

Anyone can take refuge from nightmares in the location of Sunny City!

Happy Halloween!
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