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New monsters

AuthorNew monsters
Don't know if any of these has been posted before and I aint checking so here goes.

Insect monsters:

Giant ants. Heavy armor, swarm attack. Upgraded versions army ants and fire ants.

Giant beetles. Grasp and hold attack with their pincers. Upgraded versions rhinoceros and boring beetles.

Giant bees. Poison sting, swarm. Upgraded versions hornet/wasp. During events have a queen on the battlefield. When she dies the soldiers go into frenzy mode with extra attack bonuses.
Yeah I like it

Interesting troops to kill. xD


They could have an ability called exoskeleton where the armor increases in a given condition
You know come to think of it, why not a bug faction? Many games have the occassional bug faction that players can choose, i wouldnt mind that.
for Sawrit:
That sounds like a cool idea.
It does, doesnt Modi?

And with a vast number of different bug types, there is a huge selection of what could be added, ants would be a decent tier 1 unit maybe having a similar mechanic to Undead factions skeletons where with each faction lvl you can have more ants but of course none of them would be shooters when upgraded, flying maybe.

Tier 2...maybe a tank? Too many factions have a tier 2 shooter unit while i dont think too many have a tank, like maybe some sort of large beetle, tanky, slow, but hits hard?
Antauruses are arrived..
for AzagToth:

as long as no cockroach troop I am in for the idea
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