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New Year 2022 Festivities

AuthorNew Year 2022 Festivities
A real New Year miracle! Troublesome winter gave the inhabitants of the empire its gift on the eve of the coming holiday, covering their land with a snow-white carpet. And although New Year in one form or another would probably take place in any weather, now it is filled with the traditional winter magic. Itís time to celebrate! So that even the most detached citizen could not resist the temptation to dance in harmony with snowflakes swirling in the air in front of an elegant Christmas tree.

Dear Lords and Ladies! The holiday is already on the doorstep - and is about to burst into the vastness of our Empire and our homes. The New Year is already very close - and let the anticipation turn into a surge of extremely positive emotions. We wish you in the coming year more pleasant surprises and changes only for the better. And to maintain a festive mood, according to the already established tradition, from this moment and till January 3rd inclusive New Year festivities will be held in the Empire:

1) Battles of the New and Old Year on the hunt;
2) Mercenary Guild quests 40% more often;
3) Thief ambushes 40% more often;
4) Ranger missions 40% more often;
5) Hunt 40% more often;
6) Troops ready 40% quicker;
7) Mana restoration 40% quicker;
8) Leaders Guild creature resurrection cost is 20% less;
9) Faction skill points earned in combats increased by 20%;
10) Young Christmas deer mount Yasha increasing movement speed by 80% (by 90% for Drake ow;
11) Christmas tree on the battlefield;
12) Special New Year Character images with winter thematics;
13) New year ale in the section of artifact shop's presents;
14) A tasty New Year treat once a day upon logging in for every Lord and Lady of combat level 3 and above;
15) Randomly allocated gift boxes on the battlefields in PVP combats, the bonus of which can affect the outcome of the battle;
16) Survilurg planned attacks canceled;
17) Canceled entry fees for all card tournaments;
18) Canceled entry fees for all quick tournaments 1x1, 2x2, 3x3;
19) Festive Mixed Tournament with no entry fees or artifact wear!!;
20) All Lords and Ladies of combat level 3 and above have a chance to defeat the rogues of the Army of Cold under the command of the elusive Grinch. You can join the challenge up to 5 times per day, unused challenges do not stack up. Your wins can be awarded by gold, set of creature armaments, rare artifacts with reduced durability, diamonds, chests of abundance, shop artifacts. Enchantments have no effect.

Congratulations on the coming New Year 2022!
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