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New Year 2022 Festivities

AuthorNew Year 2022 Festivities
It's here! What do y'all think about it? :)
Does new year candy work with other potions like pirate rum etc?
Too bad that wiz bonus for hunt is not working for army of cold anymore. Good ol's days gone :(
I think so
Too bad that 3 out of 5 battles the army of cold hands out armaments.
for Lawton:
Out of 10 battles I have not received 1 armament yet
Till when will this last?
for Neon10:

Is stated in the news: till January 3rd inclusive

Ive had a ton of armanents aswell, about 4/10.
for Arcanide:
Cool. Thanks
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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