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Pirate Hunt


AuthorPirate Hunt
According to an old popular belief, it is not customary to enter the new year with debts. But it just so happened that the Empire was slightly indebted to the pirates for their recent visit to its sea trade routes. This means that you will probably have to pay twice! However, the imperial "leviathans" never skimp on retribution - and no superstitions can fetter their "generosity". It's time to give the pirates what they deserve! Give up the mooring lines! Heading for the enemy!

Brave Heroes! The sea robbers have again imagined themselves to be the masters of the local waters - and therefore the governor Grammit calls on everyone to join the hunt for pirates!

Combat briefing:
1) A personal ship is waiting for each Hero from the 5th combat level ;
2) The starting ship's capacity is 50% of the army's creatures, and also affects magic damage;
3) Battles are held in the format - two ships of Heroes against one pirate;
4) According to the results of each battle, Heroes can be promoted for victory or demoted for defeat;
5) For each battle, you can get silver, the amount of which depends on the naval rank and the outcome of the battle;
6) For silver, the imperial workshops are ready to install new cannons, net guns, or to increase the ship's capacity for troops ;
7) The parameters of the guns depend on their improvements and the combat level of the Hero;
8) The higher the rank, the stronger the army of the captured pirate;
9) Upon reaching the rank of "Captain", each victorious battle will be additionally rewarded with battle potions , which can be transferred, sold on the market or used to get an increase in the parameters for a day;

10) To eliminate the risk of pirates capturing valuable items, modifiers DO NOT work in battles. Only artifacts from the store are allowed ;
11) You can hunt pirates no more than 10 times a day, unused attempts are transferred to the next day;
12) The hunt for pirates will last only 8 days until January 13 inclusive (+4 days for the end of battles, until January 17 inclusive );
13) When defeating pirates, the Hero can get points of the Guild of Mercenaries, artifacts of creatures, elements of mercenaries, elixirs of restoration ;
14) Many pirates trade in the slave trade - so there is a chance to meet caged creatures on board a pirate ship. The cage can be destroyed with magic or melee. After destroying the cage, the imprisoned creatures will join the army of the Hero who freed them. One squad from the number of surviving creatures can be taken with you in subsequent battles, but losses in these squads are not restored;
15) The Empire will generously reward the Heroes who have collected the most silver.
Which is the best faction for this event?
Demon perhaps? If the gating ability works?
higher combat levels both ces can do good
anyone know how many ranks can be promoted?
Upgrade or Cannon first?
for navimaf:
Up to your win. 7 win to rank up
Anyone tested if robber's bag and potions are still working like before this time?
for Lord Ragnaros:
Bag seems to be working.
For Eddreine:
Thanks, but im curious about there are total how many ranks we can achieve?

Sea cadet -> Sailor -> Senior Sailor -> etc -> Captain -> etc
As long as you not lose too much you gonna had high rank :)
Do you still get clan points if partner with a non-clan player?
for bp99:
Yes. No need hold your self to waiting because your region different with other clan mate. All matter are how to win
for Eddreine_RinLi:

Thanks. Good to know this.
First time playing this event, any tips?

Silver is gained based on rank? Does it matter joining combat with different rank players?

Is it better to increase ship capacity before cannons?

Magic build is allowed, but is it recommended?

Thanks in advance!
No need play with same rank. Our silver bonus based on personal rank :)
Potion of skill is applied for all factions by default?
The combat briefing doesn't say how will change the rank of character after a loss, how much successful combats are needed for next progress status and other event mechanics. Is this info listed somewhere?
for Jassi:

Darn it. Rank can go down too :-(
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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