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Commanders' Guild battles

AuthorCommanders' Guild battles
One of the oldest fighting traditions in the Empire is "Every one for oneself". It may not be among the noblest, the kind worthy of praise in song and legend. But it is certainly very instructive. On the battlefield, one must always be ready for anything, whether from an obvious enemy or a temporary ally. And not so much for one’s own sake as for the sake of something worth fighting for.

Lords and Ladies! The organizers of the Commanders' Guild checked out a few test battles and, satisfied with the result, are ready to announce that from now on there will be two daily battles under the rules of "Every one for oneself" (EOFO). Applications for participation will be accepted in the periods from 12:50 to 13:00 and from 18:50 to 19:00. In this format, 6 Lords/Ladies will be able to participate in the arena as close as possible to each other in combat levels. Free spaces may be occupied by guest mercenaries (AI). The names of all participants will be hidden until the end of the battle. All participants will be able to count on a certain amount of Commanders' Guild points and golddepending on the place taken as a result of the battle. And be careful - you should not blindly trust anyone!

We wish you exciting battles!
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